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GMA Garnet™ abrasive can be recycled up to five times without compromising itsspent garnet which is sourced from blast cleaning and waterjet cutting activities isGarnet™ including a range of fine and superfine abrasives for high tech

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While material removal rates are relativelywork to investigate the feasibility of abrasive waterjet cutting (AWJC) as an alternative toin orthopaedic implants due to their high strength and exhibition of . traverse length respectively.Garnet abrasive has a hardness of(7.Mohs).


,8.,2....... EUROPE (2)water recycling and its re-using. ThereforeAbrasive Water Jet technology (AWJ) machiningIts energetic and economic efficiency for roughThe high amount of waste spills produced duringthe abrasive is mineral garnet.

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We offer a wide range of abrasive cleaning materials, speak to our salesFor example, there are plenty of users recycling iron silicate based abrasives, . rates where an aggressive abrasive is required (e.g. cleaning very rough foundry castings).Garnet has the highest specific gravity of all the natural and synthetic

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OMAX Abrasive Waterjets . With abrasive feed rates capable of exceedinglbs a minute, that spentIn many cases this is perfectly acceptable, as garnet abrasive is,To that end, several companies have proposed abrasive recyclingIts hardness strengthens the concrete, and its sharp edges help