Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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The Wellness

The Wellness Center is a place designed to uplift your personal health and wellbeing. In addition to a set of 30 luxurious rooms, a health restaurant, it has facilities such as an ayurvedic treatment center, yoga studio, polarity healing and much more. All the facilities provide you natural health therapies. It is regardless to say that your stay here shall be a unique combination of health and comfort together


The Wellness Rooms are designed to give you maximum comfort and calmness. The rooms are spacious and luxurious with split beds and central air conditioning facility with easy access to all the health and wellness facilities.


The Wellness Restaurant is centered around the theme of health food. The food is prepared to promote the health and nutrition of the guests. You can choose between a wide range of weekly menu or order as per the special diet after consulting the health consultant.


The Wellness Ayurveda is the primary feature of the facility. It consists of experienced ayurvedic consultants along with tradional kerala ayurvedic therapies for health or general wellbeing. You can select between a range of health package combinations to suit your requirements in order to facilitate the stay, dining and therapy all at the same place.


The Heartfulness Yoga studio offers daily free yoga sessions conducted by experienced and qualified Heartfulness Yoga Trainers. In addition you can book a paid session for personal training or choose between a number of Yoga courses.


The Heartfulness Polarity facility provides free of charge polarity sessions separately for brothers and sisters. Heartfulness Polarity involves the balancing of the energy field of the body in order to reduce stress ,fatigue. In addition , the heartfulness polarity also improves the health of the subtle body. Free sessions are available for the guests staying in the wellness rooms